Steel sheet piling

Vanthek International is a specialist in the installation of steel sheet piling. We have a large stock of sheet piling, in both light and very heavy sections, in all required lengths. Steel sheet piling has many applications.

Vanthek International supplies and installs vibratory-driven steel sheet piling for both permanent structures and temporary retaining walls or construction pits. The possible applications vary greatly, depending on whether the work will take place on land, on the water or along a railroad. Examples are the vibratory-driven or press-in installation of sheet piling for basements and parking garages in poorly accessible areas in inner cities and even within existing structures.

For applications in inner cities the vibration-free technique is often preferable. The press-in sheet piling installation method utilized by the Van ‘t Hek Group is vibration-free and produces little noise. The method is therefore suitable for use in projects with demanding requirements and low permissible values for vibration and noise emissions. Projects of this type include those carried out in old city centers with historical buildings or near hospitals or sensitive computer facilities. A good example of where these vibration-free techniques are used is the extensive restoration of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.