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client:BAM civiel noordwest
project name:Rijksmuseum
techniques:Steel sheet pilingHEK tube pileHEK screw injection pile

A large part of the renovation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam concerns the construction of sunken cellars underneath the building. This is a delicate operation because the monumental façade cannot be opened up. As a subcontractor, the Van 't Hek Group was thinking along with the client and came up with some alternative solutions.

The construction of the cellars under the Rijksmuseum is a complex process. Working in the inner city and a short construction period of fourteen months made this project a challenge. At various times we had up to 10 scaffolds installed, both outside and inside the Rijksmuseum.

Before we could install the foundation of the basement by placing pulling anchors, screw injection piles and internally driven tube piles, first the whole Rijksmuseum had to be placed within the sheet pile wall without vibrations. We managed to complete this job within four months.