Precast concrete pile

Besides the modern vibration-free techniques Vanthek International also offers a variety of conventional (driven) pile systems, including precast concrete piles and wooden piles. Use of the driven precast concrete pile is still the most familiar and widely used foundation method.

Precast concrete piles have been used since 1900. The piles are reinforced so that they will not break during transport or loading and unloading. The reinforcement also ensures constructive unity of the pile and the foundation beam. In 1950 the first concrete pile with prestressed reinforcement was used, offering the advantage that longer and more slender piles could be made. In general, precast piles can handle heavy vertical pile loads and tensile loads. The permissible load on concrete piles is higher than on wooden piles, which means that fewer piles can be used.

For the purpose of tensile and pile head strength, traditional reinforcement may be applied additionally. When driving the precast piles, the probed soil profile is assessed by means of blow counting.