The HEKpile is a cast-in-situ and 100% soil displacement screw pile with lost tip, which can be used for projects where vibration and noise nuisance are unacceptable.

The HEKpile system uses a smooth drill pipe and a separate lost screw tip.

A hydraulic drill motor screws down the drill pipe to the desired depth by axial pressure (pull-down) and a considerable drilling torque. When the desired tip level has been reached, the reinforcement is applied. Then the drill pipe is filled with concrete. Subsequently, the drill pipe is pulled out in an oscillating fashion. The screw tip will remain behind in the ground.

Due to the completely smooth drill pipe, the HEKpile prevents soil relaxation and mixing of the soil layers. This makes the HEKpile very well-suited for sites with contaminated soil. The pile system is installed completely free of vibration and with little noise. Almost always the piles are reinforced along their entire length and depending on the working level, the reinforcement can be installed at a depth. The HEKpile has a great price/quality ratio.

In order to penetrate sand layers with a high cone resistance, they can be drilled using grout injection. The grout film around the drill pipe and the screw tip temporarily lowers the friction and drilling resistance during drilling. Through grout injection, a mixed-in-place mortar shell the size of the screw point is inserted into the bearing sand layer. As a result of this increase in diameter, the tensile and load-bearing capacity of the pile will increase.

The HEKpile is installed at the calculated pile tip level. By recording the torque, axial pressing force and drilling time, information about the soil becomes available, enabling the determination of the minimum pile tip level. As a rule, we use concrete with the qualities C20/25 and C28/35 for the HEKpile.

For the execution, the minimum permissible center-to-center distance is approximately four times the diameter of the screw tip. The minimum distance between abutment and pile (for the execution) is approximately 0.50 meters (1.6 feet), but depending on the required machine it can be greater. Depending on the soil, pile lengths can go up to 32 meters (105 feet).

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The following specifications are standard. In consultation different diameters are possible.

Shaft diameter Tip diameter
273 mm 330 mm
324 mm 395 mm
360 mm 430 mm
380 mm 450 mm
410 mm 500 mm
460 mm 560 mm
530 mm 650 mm