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Aqueduct Amstelhoek

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client:AquƤdukt Amstelhoek
project name:Aqueduct Amstelhoek
techniques:Steel sheet pilingPrecast concrete pileGEWI anchorAUXILIARY STRUCTURES

Because of the diversion of the N201 an aqueduct is constructed between the new road and the river Amstel, north of Uithoorn and Amstelhoek. As a subcontractor, the Van 't Hek Group is responsible for the foundation work.

The aqueduct has a total length of about 350 meters (1150 feet), with a closed-off area underneath the river Amstel of about 135 meters (440 feet). This makes it the most radical part of the diversion.

The short tunnel is constructed in several cofferdams, with GEWI piles and GEWI anchors being installed in the deep cofferdams as tensile elements for the underwater concrete. In the 'shallow' section, precast concrete piles are driven into the ground using a so-called ‘prook’ (upright extension).

The steel sheet piles that are installed by us using a vibratory pile driver, are outfitted with a multilayer strut frame and act as a (lost) formwork for the aqueduct.