GEWI anchor

The GEWI anchor is a foundation element consisting of a steel GEWI rod and grout body. GEWI anchors are able to transfer pressure, but particularly also tensile forces, to the subsoil. GEWI anchors are particularly suitable for use as a tension pile for anchoring basement floors and underwater concrete floors.

GEWI anchors are installed by Vanthek International using low-vibration and soil-displacement techniques. With a high-frequency pile driver, a slender steel auxiliary tube is driven into the ground. Fluidization techniques can be used, if necessary. After reaching the desired depth, the top of the auxiliary tube is opened and the GEWI rod, outfitted with spacers, is placed in the tube. Subsequently, the tube is closed. During the pulling of the tube, grout is injected under pressure and a grout body with a diameter of about 200 mm is formed.

The soil displacement technique ensures that no soil is released during the manufacture of the GEWI anchors. In addition, the pile system is low-vibration and therefore good for applications in the inner city. As an anchor for underwater concrete, the GEWI anchor can be applied from pontoons, traverses or the outside of the cofferdam. Depending on the chosen corrosion protection, hardly any grout remains can be found in the cofferdam.