CFA pile

The CFA pile is a vibration-free cast-in-situ pile system. Upon installation of the pile, the soil is removed and replaced by concrete.

In situations where vibration and noise must be kept to a minimum, the CFA pile is an economical alternative to precast concrete piles and vibro-piles. This pile system is most appropriate for use in heavier sands. After the manufacture of the CFA piles, they are measured acoustically in order to ensure the quality of the product.

When installing a CFA pile a hollow auger, which is sealed off at the bottom with a valve, is screwed clockwise to the correct predetermined depth. The length and diameter of the pile can optionally be adjusted during the work.

Then the hollow auger is pumped full of concrete and slowly pulled upwards without turning. The resulting pile shaft will fill evenly with concrete and the pile is topped off at the surface level. The excavated soil is removed with a mini crane. Thereafter, the reinforcement is applied and the pile is finished off at the desired height. Also with this system, pile cropping is usually unnecessary.

CFA piles are also suitable as tension piles. To this end, the entire length of the pile must be outfitted with a (possibly linked) rod with a diameter of 25 to 40 millimeters.

With long CFA piles, a reinforcement cage along the entire length of the pile is practically impossible. Instead, a centering rod can be used.