Tube screw pile

The tube screw pile is a cast-in-situ vibration-free produced pile system with limited soil displacement. When installing the tube screw pile, soil is being removed.

In situations where vibration and noise must be kept to a minimum, the tube screw pile is an economical alternative to precast concrete piles and vibro-piles. This pile system is most appropriate for use in heavier soils. After the manufacture of the tube screw piles, they are measured acoustically in order to ensure the quality of the product.

A hydraulic drill motor screws the hollow auger with large-diameter core tube clockwise to the correct predetermined depth. When the desired tip level is reached, the reinforcement is applied. The hollow auger is then pumped full of concrete, and slowly pulled upwards without turning. The resulting pile shaft will fill evenly with concrete and the pile is topped off at the surface level. The excavated soil is removed with a mini crane and the pile is finished off at the desired height. The drill lid is left behind.

If a non-soil displacement cast-in-situ pile with a reinforcement cage over its full length is desired, the tube screw pile is a good option.

The tube screw pile has the advantage that due to the larger diameter of its core tube, a complete reinforcement cage can be installed before the hollow auger is pumped full of concrete and pulled up. Because of this greater core, some soil displacement will take place upon installation with a sufficiently low scraping factor, resulting in a higher load capacity and more rigid deformation characteristics than with a CFA pile. Also, during the installation there will be less outgoing soil that needs to be disposed of.