The vibro-pile is a cast-in-situ soil displacement pile system that is installed with modern low-noise hydraulic pile drivers. As a result the pile driving noise can nowadays be limited to a reasonable extent, sometimes in combination with acoustic shrouds.

Because the piles are formed in the soil, it is no problem to adapt the pile length in situ when pile driving based on blow counting. A major advantage is that there’s no need to wait for the production and transportation of precast concrete piles. The maximum available length is 32 meters (105 feet), depending on the diameter.

A steel pile which is closed off by a base plate at the bottom can effortlessly be driven through a thick layer of sand. In addition, reinforcement along the full length of the pile is possible. This means that vibro-piles are ideally suited to high vertical loads and tensile forces.

Once the vibro tube reaches the pre-calculated correct depth it will be filled with concrete, after which the tube is pulled up by the pile driver with the aid of pulling frames. To this end, the impact force of the pile driver is used in the opposite direction. This creates a vibrating effect which makes for a more compact concrete that is pressed firmly against the soil. This results in an optimum connection.

After manufacturing its vibro-piles, Vanthek International measures them acoustically to guarantee the quality of the product. As a result, the vibro-pile can compete in almost every situation with the pre-stressed precast concrete pile.

Vibro combination pile

The vibro combination pile is a special version of the vibro-pile whereby the quality of the pile shaft is ensured by installing a precast, pre-stressed concrete element with head reinforcement and possibly ridges for connection to a concrete floor.

After positioning the precast element, the pile is filled into the bearing sand layer with grout topped off with water or bentonite. After this, the pile tube is pulled up. Unlike the ordinary vibro-pile this pile is very suitable for working from the water. In very weak soil layers where creating a cast-in-situ pile shaft is impossible, the vibro combination pile can be a good solution. Also if problems are expected with the damage-free driving of normal precast concrete piles or at very high required tensile loads, the vibro combination pile offers a good alternative.