For the creation of strut frames and anchoring structures in excavation pits and other earth retaining structures, we have a large stock of steel beams and tubes.

We also make temporary bridges, jetties and work platforms for the execution of our own activities or for use by third parties. Examples include temporary bridges for traffic detours or (chain) platforms for temporary accommodations.

Temporary bridge structures can be built with ready-made bridge sections or easily transportable segments. Because Vanthek International uses its own (hoisting) cranes, assembly and disassembly teams, these structures can be realized independently.

Strut frames

An often used method to support sheet piling walls is the application of a strut frame. A strut frame consists of purlins, commonly HE profiles, which are positioned alongside the sheet piling walls.

In between the purlins we place struts, which are usually steel tubes. It is possible to install the struts under tension with the help of jacks. This limits the distortion of the entire construction.