Vanthek International is a straightforward and all-round foundation company.

"At Vanthek International you will find we are experienced in delivering the right solution and understand the value of working together to make every project a success" - Bart Van 't Hek

Foundations from A to Z

The various entities of the Van ’t Hek Group work very closely together to ensure successfully completed projects, both at home and abroad. In many cases, the design, planning and implementation are simplified because our team can design and prepare the entire process. 

The choice  of services we offer range from integrated or stand-alone piling solutions to suit any ground and environmental condition:

A comprehensive range of piling solutions tailored to meet your needs, including:

  • Steel sheet piling
  • Tubular piles
  • Concrete piles
  • Hekpiles
  • Marine dolphins
  • Cofferdams
  • Drilling

Our capability extends across a range of modern methods of installing sheet and concrete piles. We offer the right type of equipment taking into consideration safe working practices and environmental factor. 

Our steel sheet piling solutions can be offered on a sale, hire or buy-back basis to meet your permanent or temprary project needs and commercial budgetary requirements.


Water is often a challenging factor for a (construction) project. Our foundation techniques and expertise are used for various international projects. We have a lot of experience with water in the Netherlands, experience that international contractors can build on.


Our innovative, high-quality equipment is deployed internationally on a very regular basis, and operated by our own employees. We also supply materials to international entities, through

Proud of our projects

Internationally, we have completed several large-scale and complex projects.

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