We put our equipment and our knowledge to work in a creative way, in order to be of service to you.

Where others have to politely decline, we go a step further. Experience the advantage of a foundation company that thinks along with you and follows up on its promise.

Proud of our people

As an employer we aim to be a company with which our people want to identify themselves and what they are proud of. We want to bring out the best in our colleagues by giving them space and opportunities to develop themselves.

The training days, the HEKademy meetings, the Van ’t Hek College and the Young-Van ’t Hek programme contribute to this significantly.

At our company we focus a lot of time and attention on the interaction between the engineers, technicians and executive staff. Part of this is the HEKademy, the platform through which workshops and training sessions are organised and experiences can be shared.


Safety begins with creating an atmosphere which considering safety issues is second nature and everyone (including the customer, vendor or contractor) can speak to each other about it. 

Vanthek International has a zero-accident security policy and strives to fully prevent accidents and limit unnecessary risks. Incidents are evaluated and, where necessary, adjustments are made in order to create a safe working environment. Also, every employee follows the HEK-principle:

  • Recognise risk factors
  • Recognise when work situations need to be adjusted or discontinued
  • Steer the implementation towards to a safe solution

Our company strives for fully transparent communication at all levels when it comes to safety.

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