As a family business Vanthek International is strongly focused on the long term.

Partly because of the, often, substantial and complex nature of its operations, our company is fully aware of its stakeholders and has an active policy when it comes to safety, quality, durability and innovation.

Socially involved

The Van ’t Hek Group is firmly rooted in the region.

This social commitment translates into long-term relationships with local and regional suppliers, educational institutions and associations, but also in support of the sponsors and on all kinds of sports and cultural organisations and events. In this field, calling on our company will never be in vain.

Also, we provide a platform for multiple internships and graduation projects, offered to pupils and students at all educational levels.

Energy reduction & Recycling

The nature of our work ensures a large CO2 footprint, as a large users with a lot of heavy equipment. Van't Hek therefore aims for a relative annual CO2 reduction of 2% per year.

How do we achieve reduction:

  • Communicate and consult with industry peers, colleagues and suppliers
  • Energy management
  • Minimize use of raw materials
  • Recycling

To find out more about our Co2 footprint, our energy management manuals and our communication plan go to our ''Downloads and certificates''.

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