Vanthek International also makes custom made products, like our "Jack-up pontoon".

Often, Vanthek International is called upon for projects for which the execution of the foundation is hampered by water. It is then, in particular, that the power of innovation within our organisation comes to the fore.

Jack-up-pontoon and leaders

Jack-up-pontoon, design and implementation

At these moments we try to provide our customers with a quality service that exceeds the expections by innovative and custom made products. Our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our knowledge and expertise, built over many years of experience. 

A good example is the partnership between Hektec and our technicians managed to self-designed and constructed “Jack-up pontoon”.  The JU pontoon consists of four, by an independently hydraulic system, moving jack-up legs that can easily reach a height of 45 metres, with a capacity of withstanding 200 tonnes. The solid base makes it possible to work from the pontoon with a soil investigation machine or crawler crane. 

Main focus during the design phase of the JU pontoon was easy transport. The JU pontoon can be fully containerized in order to transport it around the world.

Leaders, design and implementation

Do you have a crane that you want to have converted into a pile driving rig? Vanthek International can do this for you.

Fixed leader systems are the most accurate and striaght forward systems to use. Vanthek International creates suitable and customised solutions, the leader can be connected to the crane and the telescopic caterpillar arm to the base of the leader.

In consultation with the client, we prepare the installation of the fixed leader entirely at our workspace to enable direct connection to the crane, on location, or we (re)build the leader and the crane together at our workspace prior to transporting it to the port of export and shipping it to your desired location/project.

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