Vanthek International specialises in low-noise vibratory-driven piling up to 30 metres.

With more than 30.000 tonnes of new and good quality used sheet piles permanently held in stock at our centrally located Yard in Amsterdam, we are ideally located to handle any project requiring sheet piles around the world.

Vibratory-driven piling

Steel sheet piles can be used in various ways

Sheet piles are installed to prevent soil or water from reaching quay walls, bridgeheads, basements, construction pits, tunnels and parking garages.

Vibratory-driven sheet piles can be used to quickly, or in cases of limited working height, be set up as a defence system against soil or water. By installing a solid wall of sheet piles a depth of up to 30 metres can be reached. 

The use of steel sheet pile solutions can save time and money over traditional reinforced concrete constructions. This is in part due to our ability to offer a range of installation techniques where our specialist equipment allows us to operate in restricted and challenging locations. 

If the surrounding area requires a vibration-free or low-noise solution for the installation of sheet piles, the sheet piles can be pressed-in. Follow this link for more information about press-in solutions. 

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