• Are you looking for a specific type of crane or other equipment for a particular project?
  • Require modifications or repairs to your equipment?
  • Customize our offer to your specific wishes.
  • Looking to temporarily lease or put one or more products up for sale?

Piledrivershop is your intermediary partner.

Our worldwide network and own equipment can help you start a project or make static equipment effective once again



On Piledrivershop.com we offer equipment online through our global network. We've sold machinery in all continents. Piledrivershop 'All Inclusive' principle.

Are you looking to sell your equipment at the best price possible and at the lowest cost? Then you've come to the right place with Piledrivershop.

The Piledrivershop team works with the P.E.S.A.T principle using the following steps:

  • Pricing > Owner and Piledrivershop determine a sales price
  • Exclusivity > Owner has a premium spot on the website and newsletters
  • Selling> Piledrivershop sells proactive via their global network and portal
  • After sales > Piledrivershop draws in contract of sale and finalises deal including payments
  • Transfer > Equipment is ready for shipment/transfer

If Piledrivershop is NOT successful in selling your equipment, there will be NO FEES! The seller will always have the final decision, the sales price is determined in consultation. We ask the for the equipment to be provided in good condition.

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