Vanthek Projects specializes in low-noise vibratory-driven piling.

With more than 30.000 tonnes of new and good quality used sheet piles permanently held in stock at our centrally located Yard in Amsterdam, we are ideally located to handle any project requiring sheet piles around the world.

Steel sheet piles

Vibratory-driven piling

Sheet piles are installed to prevent soil or water from reaching quay walls, bridgeheads, basements, construction pits, tunnels and parking garages.

Vibratory-driven sheet piles can be used to quickly, or in cases of limited working height, be set up as a defense system against soil or water. By installing a solid wall of sheet piles a depth of up to 30 meters can be reached. 

The use of steel sheet pile solutions can save time and money over traditional reinforced concrete constructions. This is in part due to our ability to offer a range of installation techniques where our specialist equipment allows us to operate in restricted and challenging locations. 

If the surrounding area requires a vibration-free or low-noise solution for the installation of sheet piles, the sheet piles can be pressed-in.

Press-in piling

This technique is often used for projects involving areas or surroundings that require consideration with regard to vibration or noise emission. Think, for example, of fragile old town centers; monuments, hospitals or data centers. Excessive noise or vibration can have undesired consequences when it comes to fragile foundations or sensitive equipment.

This technique involves the use of a Silent Piler to install or remove sheet piles. By pre-drilling or applying fluidation in the process, it's possible to install or remove sheet piles in high density soil layers vibration-free. Would you like to know more about the technique or application of the Silent Piler then please feel free to contact us.


Hek Quattro Piler (HQP) for all sheet pile profiles

The Hek Quattro Piler is a sheet pile pressing machine developed by us, including four clamps that can move independently, thanks to the use of cylinders. The machine grasps four sheet pile profiles that have been connected at ones, and places them in a vertical position on the ground level.

For the firmer soil layers, sufficient response resistance is generated to press the profiles vibration-free into the ground in sections of 550 mm. Since 2015 Vanthek International has also developed two ABI-printing machines; compact and flexible sheet pile pressing that operates according to the same principle as the HQP.


Sheet pile pressing has a number of benefits:

  • The method is vibration-free and low-noise - ideal for environmentally sensative areas
  • Ability to work remotely from acces roads wherever there's restricted access
  • Ideal for use over water
  • Suitable for both cohesive and granular soils 

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