The van 't Hek Group is an all-round provider in the field of foundation techniques.

Through our experience and specialist knowledge, we are able to come to unconventional, creative and economically beneficial solutions in the field of foundations, cofferdams and ground defences.

All foundation techniques within one parent company

Vanthek Projects is part of the Van 't Hek Group, an all-round provider in the field of foundation techniques. Other companies under the Van 't Hek group banner are:

Kuipers Funderingstechnieken is specialised in installing screw piles, vibro-piles, mortar screw piles and prefab concrete piles, i particular for housing associations and utility construction.

The Waalpaal is specialised in providing foundation repairs and installing vibration-reduced and vibration-free pile systems, especially in limited working space. The Waalpaal's work usually starts right there where large foundation machines can no longer or are not permitted to go.

Van Halteren Infra is a sheet piling company specialised in works involving prime construction, particularly in riverbanks and quay works. Carrying out design-to-implementation sheet piling projects is the strength of Van Halteren Infra lies, in which several integrated types of contracts such as UAV-gc with EMVI quality requirements is right up their alley.

Engineering and construction firms

Hektec is an engineering firm that provides practical solutions in the field of geo and foundation techniques, specialised in engineering, monitoring and control. Hektec has been an independent engineering firm since 1996, offering its services to governments, project developers, contractors and foundation companies.

Linden Staalbouw is a construction company that has been around for over 100 years and focuses on manufacturing auxiliary constructions and fendering and the repair and maintenance of production machinery, bridges and sluices.

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