The HEKpile is a 100% ground displacing screw pile with lost tip, formed in the ground.

This successfully used and tested piling system is vibration-free and low-noise which makes it highly suited to function as a foundation pile, for places where vibration and noise are not acceptable.

The smooth casing of the HEKpile ensures that the soil layers don't mix during installation or get transported to the ground level. This makes the HEKpile extremely suitable in locations which contains soil contamination.


The HEKpile-system includes a steel auxiliary casing with a loose screw tip

Installing a foundation in a place where conventional methods could be considered a risk is complicated. For this reason the HEKpile was designed. The HEKpile working method produces a strong foundation with little to no vibration or noise-pollution. Equally strong foundations as conventional methods, but without the risk to harm monumental buildings or vibration-sensitive structures located nearby.

Working method HEKpile

A hydraulic drilling engine allows the hollow smooth drill tube to screw into the depth. As soon as the required depth is reached the entire drilling tube is reinforced and filled with concrete. Once filled, the drilling tube is removed and the HEKpile is measured acoustically as a quality check. The drill tip stays behind under the HEKpile. The various measurements made in this process give the engineering team a lot of soil information. 

When using this technique, soil layers do not mix and soil doesn't reach the surface level. This means the HEKpile is suitable for use with contaminated soil. The HEKpile is a 100% soil displacing screw pile.

Feasibility and alternatives

In order to penetrate high cone resistant soil layers, grouting can be used. This reduces the friction when piling and the grouting film forms a mixed in-place mortar shell in the resistant soil layer. As a result of a larger diameter, the pull and resistance levels of the pile increase.

The HEKpile can be used in various types of soil. For use in weak soil layers it is possible to use the HEKpile as a combination pile (with a prefab concrete core) or as a HEKtubepile.

The HEKtubepile is used with a permanent steel casing. By applying the tube in segments, the pile can be installed even in limited vertical workspace.

For more technical information about the HEKpile, the screw-combi-pile and the HEKtubepile go to our 'Downloads and Certificates'.

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