As a foundation company we are able to carry out various techniques on a large scale.

On this page an overview of our solutions and foundation methods is given.

Our Techniques

Steel tubular piles
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Steel tubular piles are highly suited for water work and have different applications.
Vibratory-driven piling
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Vanthek International specialises in vibratory-driven piling all over the world.
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The HEKpile is a 100% ground displacing screw pile with lost tip, formed under the surface.
Precast concrete pile
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Driving concrete piles is still the most well-known and commonly used method for building a foundation.
Press-in piling
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Pressing steel sheet piles by Vanthek International is done vibration-free and low-noise.
Custom made products
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You can also contact Vanthek International for custom made products as leaders or jack up pontoons.

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