Working with industry leading design software, our proposals and estimates will be presented to you accurately in a clear and concise manner, together with relevant technical data and analysis. By being involved from the design phase of a project, often results in different and new insights. Applying alternative methods or techniques, allows construction projects to be executed more effective and cost efficient.

Opportunities and solutions

The team at Vanthek Projects gets a lot of fulfillment from innovations that serve all parties involved in a project. For the purpose of this innovation, we work closely together with independent engineering firm Hektec BV.

Geotechnics depends on specialist knowledge and experience, in which geotechnical aspects are often vital for the all-round design of the foundation, sheet pile or material. The foundation methods that are to be used and the influence this has on the total support structure and surroundings are all taken into account by our team. As such, we can carry out every project in an optimal way for both the client and the surroundings.

Knowledge and collaboration

The close collaboration with sister company and geotechnical engineering firm Hektec, makes us the solid partner that can lead the foundation project from A to Z as subcontractor.

Within our company the most talented engineers of the industry, designers and operational staff are the heart of our company. This will give you the trust and certainty you have the perfect foundation for your project.

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