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see all projects BMF Port

Burgas,  Bulgaria

July 2017 - December 2017

Client: BMF Ports Burgas EAD

Project: BMF Port Burgas

  • Supply and installation of steel tubular piles for OGV dolphins for ships and MCV jetty at Port Burgas, Bulgaria. 

Techniques used:

  • Vibratory driven piling of in total 134 steel tubular piles
  • Tubular piles with a diameter of 813 mm
  • Length tubular piles varies from 24.5 to 26 metre


  • All operations carried out from barge with limited workspace at Port Burgas, with connection to the open sea. 
  • The majority of the steel tubular piles were to be constructed in suspension (6:1, 8:1).

Two staff members of Vanthel International travelled to Bulgaria, along with materials and equipment, for the construction of the OGV dolphins and MCV jetty.

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see all projects Implementing Travel lift construction

Coral Harbour Nassau, Bahamas 

August 2017-November 2017

Client: Van Oord Dredging and marine Contractors BV


  • Designing and calculating temporary scaffolding and capacity of temporary piles.
  • Realisation of foundation for a 150-tonne travel lift.

Techniques used:

  • Piling of precast concrete piles (40 pieces, 45 x 45 cm, 14 m' length)
  • Installation and removal of steel tubular piles and beams (temporary scaffolding)

Two staff members of Vanthek International were on location for the duration of the project.

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see all projects Realisation new quay walls

Matthew Town & GunPoint, Bahamas

February 2017- July 2017 (two projects, three locations)

Client: Van Oord Dredging and marine Contractors BV


Installing new quay walls for two different ports.

In order to support the structure, multiple tubular shaped piles have been installed.

Techniques used:

  • Gun Point: installation 1.831 m2 sheet piles
  • Matthew Town - Northern quay: installation 1.631 m2 sheet piles
  • Matthew Town - Northern quay: installation 10 pieces ∅ 1.020 x 14 mm1 Tube piles
  • Matthew Town - Southern quay: installation 1.762 m2 sheet piles


  • Rocky and diversity of soil types
  • Preserve nature and installation of newly formed coral

2 Vanthek International staff members were on location for the duration of the project. Due to the special location and limited accessibility of this project, Vanthek worked closely with the teams present from the client.

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see all projects English point

English point, Mombasa

February 2015 - April 2015

Client: Southern Engineering Co. Ltd


  • Realisation floating pontoons for new marina

Techniques used:

  • Construction steel tubular piles for the purpose of a jetty in the marina


  • This project is a acollebration between Vanthek International and Alpha logistics (EPZ), known as Alphahek

Two Vanthek International staff members trained a large number of local employees for this project and Vanthek International materials and equipment were imported.

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see all projects Burullus Cofferdam

Burullus, Egypt

Installing (Part 1): February - July 2017

Removal (Part 2): expected start March 2018

Client: Dredging International

Project: Supply, construction and removal of complete cofferdam with embossing and anchoring for the purpose of installation HDPE pipelines.

Techniques used:

  • Vibratory driven piling of a total of 460 stretching metres of sheet piles (2*170+ 2*50+ 2*10)
  • 50 metre trench onshore, 120 metre trench offshore
  • Length sheet piles varÿing from 10 to 26 metres


  • Anchoring of the head curtain by way of an anchor or an anchor panel
  • All operations carried from a causeway constructed at the same time as the sheet pile

Three members of staff, along with all the necessary equipment for the construction of the sheet pile travelled to Egypt for this project.

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see all projects Foundation Factory hall

Navagantes, Brazil

February 2014 - April 2015

Client: Huisman Ltda.


  • Foundation for Factory hall
  • Design and construction of a hydraulic stearing table on existing Kobelco crane 2500G

Techniques used:

  • Construction 1200 precast concrete piles


  • For maximum capacity, precast concrete piles 46 metres in length were constructed for this project (50x50cm)
  • For this project, the design, engineering and construction of shear table was carried out by Vanthek.
  • The complete construction and mobilasation of the crane including diesel hammer and the shear table, as well as the project execution, was carried out by Vanthek International staff members.
  • Also, local staff were trained in order to optimise the operations that were to be carried out.

Two Vanthek International staff members were utilised for parts of this project.

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07 November 2017
Temporary sheetpile construction of 170 meter in to the sea made by Van 't Hek International in Burullus, Egypt
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30 August 2017
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