project details

Realisation new quay walls

Matthew Town & GunPoint, Bahamas

February - July 2017 (two projects, three locations)

Client: Van Oord Dredging and marine Contractors BV


  • Installing new quay walls for two different ports.
  • In order to support the structure, multiple tubular shaped piles have been installed.

Techniques used:

  • Gun Point: installation 1.831 m2 sheet piles
  • Matthew Town - Northern quay: installation 1.631 m2 sheet piles
  • Matthew Town - Northern quay: installation 10 pieces ∅ 1.020 x 14 mm1 Tube piles
  • Matthew Town - Southern quay: installation 1.762 m2 sheet piles


  • Rocky and diversity of soil types
  • Preserve nature and installation of newly formed coral

Two Vanthek Projects staff members were on location for the duration of the project. Due to the special location and limited accessibility of this project, Vanthek worked closely with the teams present from the client.

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