Constructions projects are more complex, whilst acceptance of nuisance is increasingly limited.

This involves a good balance between the foundation method used and the influence on the total support structure and the surroundings. The risks must be estimated for each project, but there are also opportunities!

Monitoring & Control

During each project our team safeguards the quality by carrying out measurements continuously for the purpose of:

  • Possible vibrations and subsidence 
  • Noise emission standards
  • Predetermined vulnerabilities
  • Several variables that can of influance on your project

The various measurements, knowledge sharing and experiences provide an increasing level of expertise, which will benefit future projects.

Measuring equipment

Prior to projects, the surroundings are extensively examined with our measuring equipment to determine what factors could pose a possible threat to the implementation of a project.

By using various measuring equipment, the soil composition, the effects of various activities and weight-capacity of structures can be determined.

Measurements are made continuously through out the installation of piles, sheet piles and tubular piles. The results of these measurements are important for the optimal completion of the current project, as well for future projects.

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