Concrete piles are the most well-known and widely used foundation construction for bridges and viaducts.

Besides the modern vibration-free techniques, Vanthek International also uses a number of conventional (driven) piling systems, such as precast concrete piles and steel tubular piles.

Precast concrete pile

The most well-known and widely used foundation method

The pre-produced concrete driving piles are used for the most conventional foundation method. It is usually the quickest and also the cheapest method besides the use of wooden piles. The main benefit of these concrete piles is the high vertical pile load and resistance.

This technique is often used for the foundation of bridgeheads, viaducts and residential areas or sizeable buildings. In 2014 our team installed precast concrete piles in Brazil at a record length of 46 meters. Follow this link for an impression of the project.

Advantages of precast concrete pile systems

Generally, precast concrete piles can withstand high pressure vertical loads, as well as high tensile loads. For the purpose of tensile pressure and horizontal moments, traditional reinforcement can be used as an addition.

The capacity of traditionally installed piles can be checked accurately using a phase diagram.

This technique uses various segments to construct the pile, making it possible to install extremely long piles. A precast concrete pile can also comprise multiple small segments, enabling the installation of a fully fledged foundation pile in limited workspace.

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