project details

BMF Port

Burgas,  Bulgaria

July - December 2017

Client: BMF Ports Burgas EAD


  • Supply and installation of steel tubular piles for OGV dolphins for ships and MCV jetty at Port Burgas, Bulgaria. 

Techniques used:

  • Vibratory driven piling of in total 134 steel tubular piles
  • Tubular piles with a diameter of 813 mm
  • Length tubular piles varies from 24.5 to 26 metre


  • All operations carried out from barge with limited workspace at Port Burgas, with connection to the open sea. 
  • The majority of the steel tubular piles were to be constructed in suspension (6:1, 8:1).

Two staff members of Vanthek Projects travelled to Bulgaria, along with materials and equipment, for the construction of the OGV dolphins and MCV jetty.

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