project details

Foundation Factory hall

Navagantes, Brazil

February 2014 - April 2015

Client: Huisman Ltda.


  • Foundation for Factory hall
  • Design and construction of a hydraulic stearing table on existing Kobelco crane 2500G

Techniques used:

  • Construction 1200 precast concrete piles


  • For maximum capacity, precast concrete piles 46 metres in length were constructed for this project (50x50cm)
  • For this project, the design, engineering and construction of shear table was carried out by Vanthek.
  • The complete construction and mobilasation of the crane including diesel hammer and the shear table, as well as the project execution, was carried out by Vanthek Projects staff members.
  • Also, local staff were trained in order to optimise the operations that were to be carried out.

Two Vanthek Projects staff members were utilised for parts of this project.

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